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Transcription Services

We take care of your revenue cycle management | MMS Group

Get your practice ready for the new year with MMS Group’s comprehensive RCM services. We take care of your revenue cycle management so you can focus on providing the best patient care.

RCM Services and Reduce Details Rate | MMS Group

We provide the best services to you Medical Billing can be a real lifesaver. So many practices have to downsize because they have not taken care of their billing. At Medical Management Services(MMS) Group, we take care of your billing so that you can concentrate on what you do best- take care of patients. Call […]

Public Health Guidelines to Follow

Stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak Avoid groups staying at least one meter or six feet away from others and reduce the time you are around others outside the home, even when at least six feet away.

Medical Management Services Enforce strict Covid-19 workplace regulations

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the City has issued a Public Health Order requiring people to stay
home except for essential needs. This is in effect until further notice. By practicing social distancing, we can
flatten the curve and save lives. San Francisco can’t do this alone – we need everyone to do their part and
cooperate during this public health emergency.

Telehealth, Coding Billing Guidance for Covid-19

Telehealth, Coding Billing Guidance for Covid-19 During this public health crisis physicians and Other Clinicians are on the front line, fighting with an invisible enemy COVID-19 pandemic — Healthcare professionals doing everything they can to keep their patients (and staff) safe and healthy. Medical Management Services (MMS) Expert provides you with everything you need to […]

Your Medical Billing Specialist | MMS

Medical Management Services (MMS) is a fast-growing professionally managed company offering End-To-End Billing solutions to physician groups, surgery centers and hospitals across the US. Our team with 20 years plus experience. Our medical coders are certified by the American Association of Professional Coders. They will work hand in hand with your ASC We are driven […]

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