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Revenue Trends for Healthcare 2022 & Beyond

Revenue Trends for Healthcare 2022 & Beyond The revenue cycle market momentum in 2022 and beyond is trailing after long period of adversity due to COVID-19 and an already challenging economic environment for hospitals and healthcare systems, there is a new wave of consolidation, invention, innovation, technology, investments, efficiency, patient experience, underpayment recovery, and coding […]

Top Causes of Revenue Leakage in Healthcare

Top Causes of Revenue Leakage in Healthcare Revenue leakage may be attributed to numerous sources, but identifying the top causes allows healthcare providers to find solutions. According to Effy, a company that leverages big data analysis for healthcare organizations, revenue loss or leakage can be attributed to ten primary causes Insufficient registration data entered Absence […]

how to improve Revenue by Monitoring these 3 Key Performance Indicators

Healthcare practice is an expensive proposition Payroll, insurance, rent, utilities, equipment, and other elements are significant cost factors. It can feel like there is no end to the list of items requiring cash. Many practices already have a close eye on days in A/R for payers, and that is undoubtedly a crucial metric to be […]

Your Medical Billing Specialist | MMS

Medical Management Services (MMS) is a fast-growing professionally managed company offering End-To-End Billing solutions to physician groups, surgery centers and hospitals across the US. Our team with 20 years plus experience. Our medical coders are certified by the American Association of Professional Coders. They will work hand in hand with your ASC We are driven […]

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