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Medical Billing

Constantly updated with changing trends and experienced in handling private and federal insurance payers, we can efficiently manage diverse billing needs of physicians. Hear what our clients say about us!


Dr. John P . Melonson, MD| LA, CA

I want to thank you for your professional help during the past two years with our accounts receivable. I have absolutely nothing but appreciation for your company in helping us out with the jam we were in when our office manager suddenly quit. Since that time we have enjoyed an absolutely non-problematic relationship.

Our experience with claims injury, handling insurance rejections, posting our payments, the account receivable process, patient statements, and the excellent service provided to my patients are greatly appreciated.

I also sincerely appreciate all the help that you have given me and my staff and I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors.

Dr. Janet A Watson, DO | Bakersfield,CA

I appreciate your prompt results on my Medicare inquiry. I appreciate MMS quality work that you and your team have provided to her practice. 

We had tried a couple of different insurance posting options, before we contracted with your company. We are delighted that we found your company to assist us. We find your reports timely and informative. I will recommend your services, without reservation, to any of our physician friends, who might be looking for a more reliable billing service.

Dr. Mike  Goldstein, IM| San Jose , CA

I have been a client for the past 4 months and am completely satisfied with the service your office provides. As you know, my private Optometry practice has been in operation for almost 60 years, and I have been the owner for the past 15 years. Since the purchase of my practice, in-office medical billing has been a problem. For years, I hired in-office employees to provide the billing services, and there were problems always.

Problems were always when the employee wanted time off; nothing was billed, lack of knowledge, laziness, and gaps between hiring new employees. I even had one biller that if the insurance needed additional work to process she just ignored it and wrote the balance off without my knowledge.

I can’t even calculate how much money was lost over the years, and wonder if I knew about your services earlier, what the practice would be like today.

My Client Servicing & Operations Manager from MedicalBillersandCoders.com is always available either via email or by phone. He runs a tight ship, and figures out problems before they occur. Our weekly conference call is a valuable tool, and I am still getting used to having such thorough communications.

Money is flowing into my practice regularly now, with daily insurance submission. Any medical practice that wants an efficient medical billing company should call these people.

Emilia C -Salazar | AR

Medical Billers and Coders at MMS have extensive experience with my specialty in long term care and skilled Medicare billing. This is an area that separates a better billing company from the rest. Their coders have been able to read operative notes and understand which series of codes and modifiers are needed for proper medical billing and maximum reimbursement resulting in a 98-99% return.

They have been very easy to reach and returned messages promptly. Patients were provided with a toll free number for easy access. Hours of operation are clearly stated and honored which is a plus to either myself or my patients that have questions. It was extremely helpful that the company assigned a client service manager to me in the beginning who was knowledgeable and easy to reach anytime day or night. It made me feel safe to know that issues and questions will be resolved in an efficient manner.

The billing company has offered a variety of reports on all of my billing activities, as well as customizable reports which has made it easy to see where I am at in billings, paid and accounts pending. Year-end productivity reports were also offered which could be customized by provider, by procedure, or by location. All requested reports were detailed, accurate, and timely.

I would highly recommend them from any independent practice as well as large groups. In fact, I have recommended them to several colleagues.

Dr P Jain. Pain Management | CA

MMS has helped us tremendously. We manage a free standing emergency room in Community Hospital and we needed a company that would credential us with all the insurance companies including Medicare/Medicaid and also do our billing and coding. By God’s grace we came across MMS on the internet. Having been disappointed by other billing services in the past, we were pleasantly surprised at how great this company has been to us. They got us credentialed in time and established our billing cycles on time and overall they have been a great help. They are always there to answer our questions and work with other vendors who we have to use for various other issues. This is a great company, doing an excellent job. Personally on behalf of myself and my company,

I thank you very much and trust that you will be open

“MMS Group  is constantly innovating, which has allowed us to streamline our Dermatology operations and increase practice efficiency. They are a reliable and effective organization, which I consistently recommend.”

Dr. Roni W. Ford, M.D.


I decided to take the chance and outsource my dental billing, and chose Medical Management Services(MMS) after careful consideration. This was one of the best decisions that I made for my practice, hands down. I noticed significant improvement in our claims recovery within a couple of months, and our aged claims were quickly resolved. I highly recommend MMS Experts to any dental practice.—  Dr. Skuben of Newport.


To whom it may concern,I am pleased to take this opportunity to recommend to you the services of  MMS Group Inc. They have been my exclusive billing agent for six years. As the head of anesthesia for a large medical center, I know it is very important to find a competent and experienced agency to bill for anesthesia. It is a demanding task, especially in the days of PPO, HMO, and POS. The staff is remarkably able to anticipate problems before they occur. My direct representative is very skilled and always has time for me. Their supervisor is accomplished and has many years of experience to draw from. I was impressed when I first signed up with them, because they have their own credentialing staff. It is a great relief to not have to worry about handling all that paper work year after year. I am certain you will not be disappointed with Physicians Billing and I give them my highest recommendation. Thank you,
R.A., MD

Dear Anesthesia Providers,I am a single entity who works in a gastroenterologists office. I do approximately 40 cases a week. Prior to this I worked in a hospital on a fee for service basis. I have been a client of MMS Group for close to 7yrs. What impresses me about MMS and their staff is that they never ignore the “little guy” like so many other billing companies do. My concern has never been a large one, but it is as important to MMS as their large groups. They always have time for me and they work hard for me. My direct representative knows what i need, usually before I have to ask for it. If she isn’t available there is always someone around who is happy to help me. I highly recommend their services. Thank you

“MMS” is like a silent partner. Everything runs so smoothly. They access our practice management software and all of our billing gets done. I never have to worry about my billing and I get to focus on my patients. They are very professional which makes us look professional too. They’re like a watchdog watching over our AR.”

SLO, MD  Ophthalmology


Dear Fellow Anesthesiologists, I have been practicing anesthesia for over 30 years and for a good portion of that time I did my own billing. I have to admit, I am very hard to please and determined to receive every dollar that is due me. It is very difficult to find a billing service that will work HARD for me! MMS Grouphas a staff that is educated and updated in all areas of this very demanding field. Long gone are the days when one could just send a claim into an insurance carrier and receive a prompt and correct settlement for ones service. Today it seems that we have to jump through hoops to get fair claim settlements. MMS makes every effort to get my claims paid correctly. I appreciate what they do for me. There have been occasions where I have requested customized reports and they have happily obliged me. They are easy to contact and very professional. I recommend their services to all size providers and I am certain you will be pleased with their work.
D.B., MD

“We have been very pleased with service from MMS Group. The staff is very friendly and honest, and they respond to follow up requests right away – with most requests resolved on the same day. The president (Dr. A) has been particularly involved with regard to managing our aging accounts. Since transferring to her service, and as a result of her personal diligence and persistence, we were able to get several accounts paid even though many claims were 3 years old.” 

“I am very happy with the service provided by MMS Group. The staff follows up promptly with letters and appeal letters for even the smallest amount of collectibles, and more importantly; they get the money! And they get me answers quickly and efficiently to any question I have as far as denials and outstanding receivables. They are extremely knowledgeable with regard to billing codes and HIPAA compliance, and I have found that they are always current in that knowledge. Last but certainly not least, they are easy to reach and always treat my account with integrity and respect.”
T. T., M.D.

“For the past 7 years MMS GROUP has been providing my faculty practice with outstanding results.”  Sherman Everloff, M.D. Medical Director, Mercy Hospital Maternity Department. ” 

“MMS GROUP was able to pinpoint improvements immediately, communicate with insurance companies, and fill the gap for staff shortages.  My receivables increased by 40% within the first few months.”  Hyunwoo Chung, M.D. Medical Director, Endovascular Surgery

“It is our pleasure to recommend MMS GROUP Medical Services to all Physician Practices, Surgical Centers, or Healthcare facilities.  Zachary, we would like to thank you for simplifying our lives by introducing innovative ways to improve our billing methodology.  Our cash flow has increased, our denials have decreased and we are now being reimbursed much faster.”Ayman Soliman, JD Medical Director, Surgi Center

   “I am always impressed at the cutting edge technology MMS GROUP is utilizing to assist physicians in claims submission and proper patient tracking and coding. Joining MMS GROUP would be a superb move from the outset.”  Anonymous, M.D. FACP, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Interventional Endoscopy

“I was hesitant to use a billing service because of horror stories I had heard in the past, but the staff at MMS GROUP has been friendly, efficient and effective.  Using MMS GROUP has freed up a great deal of time allowing me to focus my energy on my practice”  David Sofer, P.T., Community Physical Therapy.

“MMS GROUP is doing a great job!  My claims are handled efficiently and anytime I need information I can always speak to someone promptly” Dr. Anthony Palumbo

“I am very pleased to give over responsibility of keeping up to date with rules and regulations of Medicare.  MMS GROUP has been most helpful about this.” Susan Fish, P.T., Murray Hill Physical Therapy.

 “MMS GROUP Medical takes the stress work out of my hands.” Anonymous



TELE Medicine

See how our customers are using MMS products and technology to improve patient care across the globe

All MMS, DoctorsEMR Technology Telemedicine Systems

  • JPS Medical Group 

“Thanks to MMS Telemedicine, the telemedicine solutions available today are better and less expensive than ever before. With this technology, we have a tremendous opportunity to improve access to healthcare for everyone.”

– John P, Regional eHealth Director, JPS Medical Group “If we had another unit {Dispatch Case} our numbers would double. Basically, we can only respond to so many kids in a day. We’re kind of a safety net provider throughout the community, and pretty much every day we’re providing medical care in a different part of town.”


– Dr. Lisa Gwynn, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, and Medical Director of the Pediatric Mobile Clinic


“Using the MMS Telemedicine software, we’re able to connect Nisga’a Nass Valley’s 2,500 community members with family doctors and 52 medical specialists, and in many cases they can see those specialists with shorter waits than patients in urban areas. Through the use of telemedicine, we’ve brought exemplary medical care into a community that was previously bereft of medical care.”

-Marilyn Lawrie, Realcare operations manager,


“Telemedicine was great. It saved me so much time. People underestimate what a pain in the butt it is to go to the doctor. My son recently was complaining about pain in his throat. So we went online and arranged a call with the Dr… He reviewed my son’s symptoms and call in a basic antibiotic to the local pharmacy. Quick, safe, efficient…. And most importantly within 24 hours my son was doing much better.”
– Andy

“It was very convenient to use the service and easy. I spoke to a person that took down my symptoms and about an hour later a doctor called back. He recommended something I could purchase over the counter that worked well for me. It is also a time saver when you can’t take that additional time to go to the doctor and or sometimes cannot get into your doctor. Thank you very much”
– Ann

“Hello, I used the 24/7 service to the free doctor back a few months ago. I thought it was very convenient and saves a trip to the doctors to wait in a waiting room. “
– Brittany

“I really do like this service. Two weeks ago I started to have a sore throat and I used this service for the first time. I called and got with a Doctor right away and told them my symptoms and he prescribed me with antibiotics right away. My prescriptions were sent right over to my pharmacy with no hassle. I did not have to wait long and it was a lot easier for me because I did it as soon as I got home from work. I made the call in my living room. For being a first time customer, I would gladly use this service again!”
– Jacob

“My wife Kim had used the PSC health care physician care card today 1/8/16 at 8:00 am. It took approx. 1-1/2 hrs. to actually get ahold of a physician. Once the physician called her the issue was handled quite well and a prescription was called into the pharmacy. In all it was quite convenient to be able to call a physician and not have to possibly go to emergency or a med center”
– Jeff

“On a personal note, I used the service today for an infection and it worked perfectly! I got a call from a doctor within 5 minutes of requesting a consult. The doctor was very nice and called in my prescription in a timely fashion. The only thing I will say is that the connection wasn’t great and she was a little hard to hear, but it might’ve just been a fluke thing. Overall, I was very pleased!”
– Jessica

“Tasha was very prompt in helping me fix my issue while registering for MDLive. This is such a great feature to have when it comes to healthcare.”
– Jordyn

“I used your Telemedicine service a couple weeks ago through the iPhone app. It was very easy to use, I was connected to a doctor quickly, and he was courteous and professional. He couldn’t really solve my problem, but that’s not his fault. I’ll definitely use the app again when I need a doctor quickly.”
– Josh

“I used this awesome service last week. I first needed to activate my account since I am a new member. Called a customer service rep and answered right away, walked me through it and helped with a mistake with my information that was making the activation not work. Once that was done I send it a request and within 4 minutes received a call from a doctor. Will definitely be using this service in the future!”
– Makenzie

“Hello – after calling and answering a few questions and describing my symptoms to the service member I was told that a doctor would call me back within 1 hour. They also provided me with the doctor’s name and number if I did not hear back within that time. The doctor actually called back within 15 minutes and was very helpful. I also received a follow up call to see how things went. Overall the experience from start to finish was very helpful and I will certainly use it again just hopefully not in the very near future!!”
– Mary

“I used the telemedicine app on my IPhone Saturday. My daughter had a fever Friday evening and the urgent care center was closed already. I received a text and email letting me know the time I would receive a call from the doctor. Sure enough, he called at that exact time. Our conversation lasted about three minutes and a prescription was already being called in. From the time I opened the app to the time I picked up the medication it had not even been an hour. Had I taken my daughter to emergency or urgent care we would have still been waiting in a room to be seen. This was the best experience I’ve had. It allowed me to focus on my daughter, not on the insurance and the medical process. Thank you for allowing me to be a parent to my sick child.”
– Melissa

“This service is absolutely awesome. I was able to log on and choose a time slot that worked for my busy day. The doctor called me for the meeting and sent the prescription directly to my pharmacy. The service saved me time, money, and helped me improve my health.”
– Michelle

“I recently used your 24-7 telemedicine dr. service. I had gotten poison ivy and with the quick service of getting the medicine on it quickly. I didn’t get it as bad and for as long as I usually get it for.”
– Rick

“Good evening, I wanted to let you know that I was able to get logged on and speak with a doctor. The hardest part of this entire process has been getting logged in and getting my account activated. I spent roughly 20 minutes speaking to representatives because I was not able to activate my account online. Once I was activated I requested a consultation and I had a phone call within 5 minutes of hanging up. I spoke with the Dr for 1 min 18 seconds and he was able to call me in an antibiotic to my local pharmacy, which I picked up in less than an hour. I was very impressed with this entire process and look forward to using it as needed in the future!”
– Spencer

“Just wanted to let you know that I used this service a few weeks ago to ask a question of a doctor. The doctor called me back promptly within the time I was told he would and he was very knowledgeable and respectful. This service is great in my book, thank you.”
– Steve

“I just wanted to let you know that I just utilized your telemedicine service and it was such an easy process. I’m excited to be able to share this information with my staff!”
– Kellie

“I called the telemedicine service today and I was a little skeptical, but since I’m out of town and feeling terrible, I decided to call. I’m really glad that I did. The service was fast and the doctor called me about 5 minutes later. I told her my symptoms and she gave me some options and then put my prescription through to the out of state pharmacy immediately. The whole process took less than 15 minutes and I was able to remain in my hotel room. I really love this service and will continue to use it. Thanks!”
– Jessica

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