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Account Receivable And Denial Management

MMS Group offers a comprehensive range of healthcare recovery and AR management services to meet the unique needs of your organization. We employ accurate, aggressive, and effective tactics to optimize your medical account receivable collection ratio. And unlike most medical billing companies that only offer AR recovery solutions as part of a revenue cycle management package, MMS Group understands that no two healthcare facilities have the same needs.

We offer AR medical recovery services as a standalone option because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare recovery solutions. Our dedicated team of AR recovery professionals focuses exclusively on investigating and resolving your old and ongoing AR accounts. And we’re experts at what we do. How do we do it? With a balanced four-part strategy.

Denial Management solution easily track and appeal denials—and even prevent them in the first place—so you’re not leaving revenue on the table. Increase your collection speed and recover more revenue.

We have the system in place that :

  • Scrubs 835 data to uncover unpaid and underpaid line items

  • Identifies root causes so you can make process improvements upstream

  • Prioritizes denials that can realistically be overturned 

  • Pre-populates appeal packages with remit and provider data.

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