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Insurance Audits that can cost clinic headache

MMS Group-Insurance Audits

Insurance Audits that can cost Clinic headache

This is the time for all health care providers to be susceptible to an audit from an insurance payer. Insurance companies can take back, recoupment and apply a penalty if your codes or any of their requirements are not done appropriately. To avoid issues that can trigger audits, here at Medical Management Services (MMS) we can help you with highly-skilled, qualified people & resources who work with clinics and/or hospitals across the US.

We focus to save your audit risk areas

  • Using the wrong code
  • Failure to comply with medical policies
  • Medical Necessity v. Maintenance
  • Time-Based Codes
  • Up-coding
  • Overutilization of Evaluation and Management.
  • Improper Use of Modifiers

Leave the Medical Billing to the Experts, so you can focus on healing your Patients.


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Insurance Audits that can cost clinic headache
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