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Audit Your Coding


Audit Your Coding

Although we provide total or partial outsourcing of a practice’s coding, we recognize that this is not always the desired solution for everyone. In coding, one size does not fit all. Many practices and facilities made substantial investments in their coding staff and already employ talented coders. However, as in any technical and dynamic field, it is recognized that everyone who codes medical services (including physicians who code their own work) should have periodic coding “peer reviews” to assure that their skill levels remain high and accurate. Both the OIG and CMS recommend that all providers have their coding reviewed by an outside independent party with appropriate expertise in that clinical specialty, on a regular basis.

Medical Management Services perform periodic coding accuracy audits to help your organization:
• Helps with OIG regulations complianc
• Keeps you from paying fines and/or going to jail
• Identifies if you are leaving money on the table
• Ensures you are up to date with coding rules and regulations
• Improves the accuracy of your medical records
• Enables you to better manage your staff
• Serves as a teaching tool for your employees

Audit Your Coding
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