Medical Management Services

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Helps you deliver outstanding patient care while building a healthy practice.


We optimise your entire revenue cycle and take on your most time consuming tasks to ensure..


Enhance your practice with Doctors EMR Cloud-based Electronic Health Record software


Provides anytime access to board certified doctors and paediatricians from where it's most convenient for you - home, office.

Transcription Services

100% U.S. highly trained and experienced transcriptionists and administrative support.

Medical management services just got better

MMS offers the first and only complete technology platform purpose-built to meet the needs of independent practices.

Built for your independent practice, not a hospital

MMS is purpose-built for the unique needs of independent practices, avoiding the typical complex, time-consuming, and costly functionality.

Designed to be friendly, flexible

MMS includes free support, free on boarding, free training, and clear and simple pricing that ensures you know exactly what things cost.

Committed to your success and practice

MMS’s goal is to enable your success by helping you and your staff make the right decisions and take the right steps to deliver results.

Some Facts

$ 0 B

is left on the table every year by doctors in the United States due to poor billing practices

0 %

of denied claims, on average, are left unresolved by practices

0 %

of preventable denials are a result of practices not focusing enough attention


Hear what they have to say about Us!

MMS” is like a silent partner. Everything runs so smoothly. They access our practice management software and all of our billing gets done. I never have to worry about my billing .
SLO, MD Ophthalmology
MMS Group is constantly innovating, which has allowed us to streamline our Dermatology operations and increase practice efficiency. They are a reliable and effective organization, which I consistently recommend.
Dr. Roni W. Ford, M.D.
This was one of the best decisions that I made for my practice, hands down. I noticed significant improvement in our claims recovery within a couple of months, and our aged claims were quickly resolved.
Dr. Skuben of Newport.

Medical Management Billing Services and telimedicine

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