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Medical Billing ICD 10 Implementation

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1. We coordinate with payers and set up testing schedules.

2. Monitor claim submittals constantly.
3. Use translation and mapping tools comparing ICD 9 and ICD 10
to verify accuracy.
4. Run thorough pre and post implementation audits.
5. Make sure that coded documents mirror the actual clinical
6. Run cost analysis to check the financial impact of ICD 10 on your
7. Ensure the coding process meets the changed parameters.
8. Offer a 24/7 helpline.

Medical Transcription

• Secure HIPAA Medical Transcription Service
• 24 Hour Medical Transcription Support
• Web Access to your Reports 24 x7 from any location.
• Transcribing for Single Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals
• Same Day Medical Transcription Turnaround as standard
• Toll Free 800 Telephone Dictation
• Flexible dictation using a digital recorder
• Low Cost Medical Transcription 65 Character Line Rate
• No Template Restrictions
• 200% Transcription Quality Checking
• No service charges or hidden fees


Free EMR
Cloud based EMR Valued at $199/month

EMR & Practice Management Suite $299/Month/Physician

• Patient Centric EMR
• Smart Order Entry
• Physician Management Interface
• E prescription
• CCHIT Certified
• Billing Module
• Intra-Office Messaging

Free EMR & PM  with Billing Services
When you enroll in full services based on the rate of collection

Medical Billing Services

You Practice Medicine, We Improve your cash flow

MMS experts making sure you get paid.

  • Reduce Medical Billing Cost
  • Reduce Payer Denials
  • Intensive A/R follow-up
  • Get paid faster

Medical Transcription Services

MMS is a California-based company that provides medical professionals with fast and accurate medical transcriptions.

• Secure HIPAA
• Digital Recorder or Toll-Free Telephone Dictation
• Electronic Delivery of Files in 12 hours
• Access to Files 24/7 • Multiple Site Support
• Unlimited Remote File Storage & Backup
• STAT Capabilities   • No Long-term Contract Required

EMR & Practice Management

EMR Solution that is Simpler to Use, No software install required, Very Affordable, Minimal Start-up time, 24×7 Customer Support, Secure access from any location & ONC-ATCB certification by CCHIT

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