How It Works

Doctor visits including assessment, diagnosis and prescriptions when necessary.


What We Treat

Head to toe, mind and body.

See top conditions we treat.


Mental Health 

What It Costs

Similar to a typical copay and much less than the usual cost of urgent care.
Plus, you may be covered by your health plan.

  • Helping several thousands of users everyday.
  • Treating patients with health issues from Psychiatry, Sexology, Radiology, Dermatology, OB/GYN, Oncology and 80+ other specialities.
  • Most convenient for expats and travellers.
  • This service is provided globally by more than 2000 handpicked doctors from top hospitals.
  • Trusted by millions and serving users world wide.
  • Upload your medical reports and share your health issues with our doctors online. Every health issue is answered by expert MDs.
  • Our doctors answer your queries 24/7.
    • Expats &Travellers
  • The most trying thing for expats and travellers is access to doctors.
  • Our doctors specifically address the needs of expats and travellers.


Doctors Telemedicine provides anytime access to board certified doctors and pediatricians from where it's most convenient for you - home, office, or on the go. After registering, within 15 minutes you can have a virtual consult to diagnose non-emergency medical issues over the phone or through secure video on your computer or smartphone. It's patient-centric

healthcare that works for you and around your schedule.